Find the full       line-up below.

Saturday - November 7

18h00 | Opening.


18h05 | Welcome to the future of fashion.


18h07 | The Immersive Talks answer.


18h10 | CHAIN, Argentina.


18h25 | 12-NA, Chile.


18h40 | ANNAISS YUCRA, Peru.


18h55 | The Immersive Sounds: GopTun: Dimensional Theory Of Dance


19h00 | Digital Community.


19h13 | The Immersive Talks answer.


19h15 | JUAN DE LA PAZ, Bolívia.


19h30 | NOUS ETUDIONS, Argentina.


19h45 | RIDER R4, Brasil.


20h05 | The Immersive Sounds: Naves Cilíndricas.

20h10 | Digital Community.


20h18 | The Immersive Talks answer.


20h20 | FELIPE FIALLO, Equador.


20h35 | LUCAS LEÃO, Brasil.


20h50 | The Immersive Sounds: Joaquina Salgado.


20h55 | Digital Community.


21h03| The Immersive Talks answer.


21h05 | ANGELA BRITO, Brasil.


21h20 | ALUF, Brasil.


21h35 | The Immersive Sounds: Orquestra Vermelha.


21h40 | Closing.

    Brands and Immersive Sounds

    CHAIN is a fashion brand based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Committed to the environment, their plant-based designs are made by hand in their little studio with raw local fabrics and organic dyes.

    12-NA (CHILE)

    We are a design studio that works on super recycling, involving itself in the circular economy, design, art, and community projects.



    Annaiss Yucra is a brand with an interception between color and heritage, with the objective of transmitting the country’s identity through its garments always looking to the future.


    Juan de La Paz is a Bolivian brand that proposes a timeless universe and the approach of a new concept of luxury, which comes from historical and aesthetic clothing, with the aim of revaluing local culture and ancestral textile practices.



    Nous is not only a fashion brand, it is a clear statement of a new generation. Sustainability, genderless clothing and veganism are part of the key messagge that Cardillo delivers in each product.


    Rider launches its first line of sustainable footwear from the Rider R4 program. The collection brings four classic models that are completely redesigned, based on the 4Rs. The idea is to show that it is possible to do something innovative and promising through sustainable design.


    Felipe Fiallo is an eco-futuristic footwear brand that holds the visions of sustainability.



    Lucas Leão is a streetwear brand that focuses on research and innovation linking clothing and technology, questioning the standards of dress between male/female dressed both bodies.


    Dialogues between Tradition and Vanguard. The design is inspired by the reinvention of the vivid images of Angela’s memories of Cape Verde.


    Aluf arises from the search for a justification for the relevance of making fashion, valuing the process of expression of being through a wearable object through sustainability and art therapy.


    Gop Tun is a São Paulo-based party, record label, and a unique ensemble. Focused on bridging the gap between South American artists with international names that headline their events, it became a powerful melting pot of global rhythms.


    New Media artist Joaquina Salgado works with Magic Environments and Digital Fantasies, reflecting on technology as a medium capable of expanding the limits of what is possible and thinkable for artistic creation.


    Musicians Gustavo Boni, Sam Tiago, Paulo Braga, Mauricio Orsolini, Eddu Ferreira, and Richard Fermino were recorded and filmed in the studio. Live, led screens to show their silhouettes in real size as if they were on stage.


    In visual arts or music, the work of Gabriel Junqueira is a metalinguistic struggle that tries to open loopholes within digital capitalism and its electronic devices and social networks. But unlike futurism or the primary proposals of the “art and technology” vein, there is no dream or utopia in technological progress.


    Laza is a sound artist and sound designer. He is a member of the A-mig sound transmission platform and participates in the curatorship.

    Sunday - November 8
    15h00 | Toca - Live Shop on Rappi' App

    Liveshop at RappiMall. Link available soon!

      16h00 | Aluf - Live Shop on Rappi' App

      Liveshop at RappiMall. Link available soon!

        17h00 | Open Panel - BRIFW and the revolution of immersive technologies in fashion - Olivia Merquior, Lara Azevedo and Augusto Mariotti - PT

        2020 marked a new era in fashion. In the opening panel, BRIFW founders Olivia Merquior and Lara Azevedo talk to Augusto Mariotti about the transformations that led fashion to its digital revolution and how BRIFW proposes to drive Latin America on this journey.

          18h00 | From the unconsciousness to the machine - Franco Palioff, multimedia artist (BR) - Host: Lara Azevedo - PT

          Among the techniques of 3D mapping with Kinect (photogrammetry), VR glasses, 3D sculpture and printing, robotics and programming in diverse languages, the Argentine artist presents his creative process that is inspired by the evolution of man-machine symbiosis in its most varied spiritual stages, artistic and sexual.symbiosis in its most varied spiritual stages, artistic and sexual.

            19h00 | Luxury textiles, Immersive world: between tradition and disruption - Première Vision - Pascaline Wilhelm, fashion director PV (FR) - Host: Olivia Merquior - EN

            Première Vision Paris is one of the most important textile fairs in the world. In this panel, Olivia Merquior, fashion coordinator at Première Vision Paris in Latin America, and Pascaline Wilhelmm, fashion director of Première Vision, talk about the future of textiles among so many digital transformations.

              20h00 | The regenerative economy and the new consumer in the network - Laura Kroeff, Vice President of Box1824- Host: Lara Azevedo, founder BRIFW - PT

              In recent years, it has spread an idea that connected consumers have increased their power. We are now experiencing the climax of this structural social change, which displaces the centers of influence and the status codes of fashion. The new references start to come from solutions created by people connected in a network. It is up to the brands to adapt quickly to this new scenario to maintain its relevance.

                Monday - November 9
                15:00 | Angela Brito - Live Shop on Rappi' App

                Liveshop at RappiMall. Link available soon!

                  16:00 | Plágio - Live Shop on Rappi' App

                  Liveshop at RappiMall. Link available soon!

                    17h00 | The Immersive KIND XR Creative Studio Presents Future Fashion and Digital Consumption (UK) - Host: Luísa Fedrizzi - EN

                    The Immersive KIND discusses the digitalisation of fashion and what this means for invention and consumption: INVENTION: climate, design and social justice CONSUMPTION – digital citizenship, slow fashion. Join Founders, Kadine James and Lucy Wheeler and Collaborators, Damara Inglês and Scarlett Yang in discovering current disruptions in the fashion.

                      18h00 | The aesthetics of digital and sustainable fashion future - Lucía Chain, designer (AR) - Host: Pia Rey, Stylist & Contributor for Vogue Talents (AR) - ES

                      Going through the creative processes at CHAIN, they question communication sustainably, questioning the notion of the Future and Fashion, and the convergence in the mix of languages: the encounter between the handmade and the digital.

                        19h00 | LATAM Fashion Talents - It's just the beginning - Augusto Mariotti, FFW (BR) e Pia Rey, Stylist & Contributor for Vogue Talents (AR) - PT e ES

                        The digital acceleration promoted by the pandemic has brought new creative paths to fashion, not only in the reinvention in 3D clothes but also campaigns and new virtual experiences. For new designers, entering the technological possibilities is opening a horizon with infinite possibilities. Latin America is already part of this transformation. Pia Rey and Augusto Mariotti meet to talk about these young Latin talents who are only at the beginning of this journey.

                          20h00 | Instagram - The fashion weeks by streaming - Larissa Gargaro - Host: Cassio Prates - PT

                          After the start of pandemics, how the digitalization of fashion is transforming fashion shows, shopping experiences, and the relationship with brands? Nowadays, Instagram is one of the main communication tools in the fashion world. From this panel, we will understand more about how this tool has been used and the impact of this moment on the fashion industry.

                            Tuesday - November 10
                            16:00 | Cacete Company - Live Shop on Rappi' App

                            Liveshop at RappiMall. Link available soon!

                              17h00 | Multiplicity: a contemporary cultural platform - "What I want has no name yet" - Batman Zavareze, Creator of the Multiplicity Festival - Host: Amnah Asad, Founder NOIX - PT

                              The festival’s proposal came from an artistic desire: to open a space to unite image and music through technology. The idea was to regularly propose a contemporary cultural platform and encourage the production of digital content. The Festival invests in the dialogue between sound and image by crossing hi-tech and low-tech technologies. With an international curation, past and future are intertwined in hybrid, advanced, investigative, and transversal artistic languages.

                                18h00 | The digital graphic environment in an artistic invention - Gabriel Massan, multimedia artist (BE) - Host: Olívia Merquior (BR) - PT

                                Gabriel’s works move between art, advertising, fashion, and music exhibitions. Gabriel collaborated with Adobe, ELLE Brasil, Motorola, and Facebook. He participated in art projects with Igi Ayedun and signed 3D prints for the designer Lucas Leão. Gabriel now lives in Berlin and is another big name that drives Brazil’s advancement in the world of technology and art.

                                  19h00 | The digital transformation in the fashion industry - Gonçalo Cruz, co-founder PlatformE, Lui Iarocheski, Head of Sourcing and Digital Innovation at DDGITT (PT) - Host: Rony Rodrigues, CEO YÖNE and founder of Box1824 - PT

                                  PlatformE is a digital accelerator. With clients like LVMH, Gucci, Farfetch, Dior, the company assists in the development of digital collections, with the mission of reducing overproduction in fashion. The specialist in the study of brands Rony Rodrigues will mediate this conversation about digitalization in the sector and the gains and opportunities that fashion companies can have in this journey.

                                    20h00 | A new era for the fashion industry- Mariana Santiloni, fashion expert WGSN (BR) - Host: Olivia Merquior - PT

                                    The fashion industry is experiencing one of the most complex and challenging moments in history; and that is why Mariana Santiloni, fashion expert at WGSN, will present the most relevant drivers and changes that will bring new priorities for the development of products and services. The circular design and slow fashion processes, social commerce and virtual fashion are some of the key ideas of this talk and will have a great impact on fashion in the future.

                                      Wednesday - November 11
                                      17h00 | Fashion, Art, Politics and Technology by Gen Z + Millenials. FLAGCX + MJournal - Igi Ayedun and Luisa Martini - Host: Lara Azevedo - PT

                                      More information coming soon!

                                        18h00 | The Reality of Virtual Models - Vitória Cribb - Designer e artist (BR) & Mutantboard (UK) - Host: Lara Azevedo - EN

                                        What is the real viability and demand for virtual models in today’s Covid-struck fashion industry?

                                          19h00 | Memories in the digital age and its new narratives - Day Molina, Stylist, Jal Vieira, Creative Director, and Mariana Fernandes, Stylist - Host: Camila Yahn, FFW - PT

                                          Aesthetics, like many other modern normative structures, has been used to manipulate or ignore the multiplicity of creative expressions in society. Decolonial aesthetics is an option that makes a radical critique of modern and postmodern aesthetics, and contributes to making the subjectivities and memories of many peoples visible. How can digital language enhance this narrative?

                                            20H00 | The Digital Transformation of Color Workflows in Fashion - Nick Bazarian, Product Manager - Pantone (US) - Host: Isabel Junqueira - EN

                                            Until recent years, color workflows in fashion design were led using a largely physical toolset from design to manufacture. A push for sustainable fashion, the rise of new digital tools, and changes in how designers work as a result of COVID-19 have led to an accelerated transformation from only physical to physical and digital color tools.

                                              Thursday - November 12
                                              15:00 | Pantone - Live Shop on Rappi' App

                                              Liveshop at RappiMall. Link available soon!

                                                16:00 | Korshi 01 - Live Shop on Rappi' App

                                                Liveshop at RappiMall. Link available soon!

                                                  17h00 | Culture and Territoriality in digital times - Thamyra Thâmara, Isys Maciel and Andressa Núbia, gatoMÍDIA - Host: Lara Azevedo - PT

                                                  GatoMÍDIA is a media and technology learning network for young black people from the Complexo do Alemão. GatoMÍDIA is focused on studying creative communication, Afrofuturism, “gambiology”, peripheral narratives, and black identities. In this panel, Thamyra, founder of GatoMÍDIA, Núbia, and Ísis will talk about culture and territoriality in digital times.

                                                    17h00 | Tabitha Swanson Creative process #airmaxhunt Nike - Tabitha Swanson, designer and creative technologist (BE) - Host: Lara Azevedo - EN

                                                    Tabitha Swanson will join us for a panel talk on her recent AR work for Nike. She created a filter alongside @ines.alpha and @inter_sexy for the launch of the Air Max 2090 on a campaign commissioned by Zalando. She’ll explain what it was like working with a large brand, how the project changed through corona times, and the Instagram filter market overall. She will also go over the basics of Spark AR, so be sure to download it on your computer prior to the talk if you’d like to follow along.

                                                      19h00 | Clothing Expansion -Coletivo Inserto - Host: Cassio Prates PT

                                                      We are a collective born from the youth counterculture scene. We want to communicate our identity performances through prints. The insert is composed by 3 members: Viviane Lee Hsu @cyshimi, Luccas Morais @ladyletal and Ikaro Cavalcante @occulted.

                                                        20h00 | FLAGCX - Exponential acceleration of computational power and what it means for the creative industry, Roberto Martini, Global CEO of FLAGCX - Host: Olivia Merquior, Co-founder BRIFW - PT

                                                        The truth is a concept of impossible absolute agreement between humans, who interpret their realities through the lens of their repertoires. The exponential acceleration of computational processing adds complexity to these interpretations, as it also presents new and infinite layers of alternative realities as possible as our present reality.

                                                          21h00 | Fashion and immersive technologies: how these two worlds will merge for positive change - Derek Blasberg, Head of Fashion & Beauty, Youtube (NY) - Host: Olivia Merquior and Lara Azevedo - EN

                                                          In our closing panel, the founders of BRIFW will interview Derek Blasberg, Head of Fashion & Beauty, Youtube, to talk about the future of immersive fashion.

                                                            Olivia Merquior

                                                            Olivia Merquior is the director of the Brazilian creative agency Dacri Deviati, fashion coordinator for Première Vision Paris in Latin America, and co-founder of Brazil Immersive Fashion Week. Her work is focused on promoting platforms for developing new creative perspectives; among them are the Brazilian Center for Fashion Design and the curatorship of the SPFW Greenhouse Project’s fashion shows. Anyone who wants to know more about her keen eye for fashion dilemmas can listen to her weekly insights on @highlowpodcast.

                                                            Lara Azevedo

                                                            Lara Azevedo is a visual artist, cultural researcher, creative director and founder of Noix, a Brazilian network of makers and creatives. Her projects dialogue with contemporary lifestyle movements within fashion, art and music. In 2020 she immersed herself in a great cultural articulation that uses technology as a potential, the ProtegeBr. The project was born as a national articulation platform focused on the effects of covid-19 and BRIFW, the first immersive fashion week in Latin America that he designed with Olivia Merquior.

                                                            Augusto Mariotti

                                                            Augusto Mariotti is the founder and creative director of the FFW. He also works as a strategist of digital content, consulting, and event production, being the creative director on several projects for national and international brands. Graduated in Communication and Marketing, he started his career in fashion alongside Paulo Borges, as his right-hand man, with whom he collaborated for almost 20 years to consolidate São Paulo Fashion Week as one of the most important fashion weeks in the world. Today he divides his time between Brazil and Europe.

                                                            Derek Blasberg

                                                            Derek Blasberg is YouTube’s Director of Fashion and Beauty, and a New York Times best-selling author. His first job was as an assistant at Vogue, and in his career he has been the Editor-At-Large of Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair’s Man on the Street. In 2016, it was announced he would be the host of the revamped ‘CNN Style’ on CNN International, which profiled Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Tracey Emin, Emma Watson, Kendall Jenner, and Reese Witherspoon. In 2018, he joined YouTube in his newly created role. Derek is the author of a 2010 collection of humorous essays about etiquette, ‘Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady’. He published a sequel, ‘Very Classy: Even More Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady,’ in 2012. In 2015, he published ‘Bazaar: Models,’ a survey of the most influential faces in fashion history. Blasberg has been a staffer of the Gagosian Gallery since 2014, and is currently the executive editor of Gagosian Quarterly.

                                                            Laura Kroeff

                                                            Laura Kroeff is Vice President of Box1824 and her job is to translate cultural and behavioral studies into innovation and impact initiatives. Leading research and innovation projects for over 20 years in Brazil, Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia. Graduated in Social Communication, she has a specialization in Group Coordination,
                                                            Leadership and MBA in Business. Laura has also taught for more than 12 years in innovation, research and the new behaviors of the network society.

                                                            Luisa Martini

                                                            Luisa Martini is Co-Founder and COO of FLAGCX, an ecosystem of 30+ companies that operate in the creative and communication industry. Luisa has dedicated her career to shaping new cultural and entrepreneurial paradigms. Investing in companies that foster the potential of people and communities, such as CLAN, MESA, Obvious, The GRID, MOOC, HOOD, Contagious, among others. She has worked with global brands and personalities like Marina Abramovic and Kobe Bryant, supports neuroscience projects at the MIT Media Lab and is deepening his research in culture, ethnicity and gender at The New School.

                                                            Roberto Martini

                                                            Recognized as one of the ten most inspiring 2016 CEOs in the country by GQ, Roberto Martini is one of the most visionary and innovative professionals at the Brazilian creative industry. Besides being CEO and CCO of FLAGCX, a network of creative disruption companies based in Brazil and the United States, the largest independent communication services group in Latam, Martini is also an active speaker, sharing his vision and beliefs about STEM and exponential change on events and places such as MIT, SXSW, Cannes Lions, NY Advertising Week among others.

                                                            Rony Rodrigues

                                                            Rony is founder of Box 1824, the main research and consumer trends company in Latin America and partner of four other companies in the areas of communication, strategy, video games and fashion. He worked for companies like Unilever, InBev, Embraer, Nike, RedBull, Fiat, Grendene, Rede Globo and C&A. In 2010 he released the video “We All Want to be Young”, portraying the “Millennials” generation. In 2012 he launched “All Work and All Play” which explores new relationships with the future of work. In 2015 he was the curator of the Brazilian Pavilion at the Expo in Milan. In 2016 he co-founded Yöne in New York, and launched the study The New American Dream, a portrait of Generation Z in the USA.

                                                            Mariana Santiloni

                                                            Graduated in fashion business and with a postgraduate degree in materials and fabrics research by Central Saint Martins, Mariana Santiloni has been working with trends research for 10 years. Curious, passionate about fashion and with a strategic look towards research and consumer behavior, she worked at Stylesight and at WGSN in London with customer service, tropicalizing global trends for Brazil and today she is the manager of the client service team at WGSN at Latin America.

                                                            Nick Bazarian

                                                            Nick Bazarian is a Senior Product Manager for Pantone’s Digital business, and is leading the ongoing digital transformation of Pantone with focus on expansion of the Pantone Connect color platform for designers. In five years with Pantone, Nick has worked with color standards across the full value chains for the fashion, graphic, and digital design industries. He has a background in and passion for the fine arts, and past experience leading software development projects for the US Government.

                                                            Pascaline Wilhelm

                                                            After graduating from the Ecole National Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Paris, Pascaline Wilhelm began her career as a textile designer for a group integrating spinning, weaving and printing.
                                                            Later, she co-created her own company for textile design and communication working throughout the
                                                            textile sector, from fibres to yarns, weaving and finishing, including the development of exclusive
                                                            patterns for designers and fashion brands. In 2000, Pascaline Wilhelm joined the Première Vision Group where she is currently the Fashion Director.

                                                            Larissa Gargaro

                                                            Manager of Strategic Fashion and Beauty Partnerships on Instagram, Larissa Gargaro connects the platform to the fashion and beauty industry across Latin America. Before becoming Eva Chen’s Latin arm, she spent more than five years on the Globo Condé Nast digital team, acting as a digital editor for Glamor Brasil and digital reporter for Vogue Brasil.

                                                            Gabriel Massan

                                                            Gabriel Massan is a video artist, sculptor and 3D artist. He develops images and installations manipulating animated three-dimensional objects. He sculpts avatars and scenarios that subvert hegemonic relationships into augmented and/or virtual reality.

                                                            Gonçalo Cruz

                                                            Co-founder of PlataformE – the solutions platform that is leading the Fashion Industry to the digital model and mass customization, transforming some of the largest Fashion groups such as LVMH and Kering. Passionate about Technology and Virtuality, he also makes up the Advisory Board of MyDidimo and MOXY.

                                                            Lui Iarocheski

                                                            Lui Iarocheski has a background in Fashion Design with 10+ years of experience in the most diverse aspects of the fashion industry. In 2013, Lui founded his own personal brand, IAROCHESKI, and presented collections in the fashion weeks in Vienna, Vancouver and São Paulo – converging fashion, sustainability and technology. Currently, Lui is committed to the digital transformation of this industry by acting as an ambassador for innovation and virtual fashion.

                                                            Pia Rey

                                                            Pia Rey is a fashion stylist and communicator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work combines both the editorial and commercial worlds through her passion for fashion. For the past 5 years she has been a contributor for Vogue Talents, the platform created by Vogue Italia, where she scouts, supports and promotes the new generation of South American designers.

                                                            Franco Palioff

                                                            Franco Palioff, an Argentine multimedia artist residing in Brazil, graduated in nuclear engineering. His poetics is focused on the evolution of man-machine symbiosis, analysis of virtual sex, post-porn and internet, spiritual stages of the human being, and the function of human fulfillment in an intelligently connected world. Franco has individual and group exhibitions in Argentina in Buenos Aires, Junín and Bariloche.

                                                            Tabitha Swanson

                                                            Tabitha Swanson (b.1991, Winnipeg) appears as a specimen of an online race. A designer and creative technologist using 3D rendering, AR face filters and sometimes synthetic makeup on her own body, she offers the vision of a migrant from a virtual world. Photo credits: Laura Schaffer

                                                            Vitória Cribb

                                                            Interdisciplinary designer and artist who explores the convergence between the immateriality of new media with physical and tactile media. The artist seeks to bring multidisciplinarity in her artistic series by investigating the behavior of new visual technologies and their developments.


                                                            Mutantboard is a virtual model and creative agency. Our models are citizens of the cyber realm, created by our roster of multidisciplinary digital talent. Born out of quarantine, our diverse models break free of physical confines and collaborate with trailblazing brands along new tech frontiers.

                                                            Kadine James

                                                            Founder, Creative Technologist, Artist, Activist, Digital Curator, Immersive XR producer, Digitalmaker, innovator & emerging technology expert, Kadine James is a prominent Tech Evangelist. Combining 10+ years’ experience in AI Machine Learning, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, XR and immersive technology, she’s driven by big ideas, a global mindset and empowering the use of VR/AR/XR across the arts and creative tech industries. Kadine is the Founder of The Immersive Kind, an XR Creative Content Studio.

                                                            Lucy Wheeler

                                                            Lucy is a multi-faceted art, design and creative technology expert. Born in UK, a trained artist, curator and educator, Lucy creates extended reality art experiences, teaches digital technologies at London College of Fashion and has co-founded The Immersive Kind, an art and advanced technology organisation and creative XR studio. Lucy has worked in creative technology outreach, mentored across the world and exhibited online and offline whilst also establishing herself as a creative director for contemporary art, fashion, and creative technology industries.

                                                            Damara Inglês

                                                            Damara Inglês is a recent graduate of the MA Fashion Media Practice and Criticism of the London College of Fashion, University of Arts London. A multidisciplinary fashion media practitioner and Curator of Extended Reality.  In recent practice, Damara uses AR and VR to challenge innovation within the areas of fashion communication and social media, retail spaces, the supply chain and sustainability. She learned from and worked directly with brands like Gucci, Kering and Microsoft.

                                                            Scarlett Yang

                                                            Scarlett Yang is a London based multidisciplinary designer with a focus on tactility/ tangibility and digital/ virtual realities. Having worked in couture ateliers, bio labs and digital fabrication labs, she intends to research in-depth and develop innovative approaches on the intersection of fashion, design, and technology. Graduated from Central Saint Martins BA womenswear, her design practice speculates the life cycles of fashion and textiles for a biodegradable and digital solution to the current environmental emergencies, featuring bio and 3D design in an AR experience virtual environment.

                                                            Luísa Fedrizzi

                                                            With 15 years of experience in communication and planning, Luísa is responsible for the Brazilian office of Contagious, a British consultancy and intelligence platform that works with creative and strategic excellence for brands and agencies. Previously, she led CLAN, FLAGCX’s culture, experience and knowledge unit, carrying out multidisciplinary projects for the group’s ecosystem companies – such as CUBOCC and SOKO agencies – and for partners such as C&A, Centauro, Paula Raia and Box1824, among others. Graduated in social communication and specialized in creative planning, she has worked as a strategist for brands such as Vivo, Banco Original, Klabin, Youcom, GRU Airport and Grupo RBS.

                                                            Lucía Chain

                                                            Lucía Chain (AR) is a Fashion and Textile Designer with postgraduate degrees in Sportswear Design (UBA, Argentina) and Fashion Business (Scholarship at Marangoni Institute Paris, France). In 2014, she won SEMILLERO UBA and started her own brand. After winning different competitions, her brand was projected to international fashion weeks, being named by Vogue Italia and Vogue Talents: one of the Next green talents (2018). She has been awarded by the Argentina Fine Arts. Today her work is part of an exhibition at Salvatore Ferragamo Museum. 2019: Winner of GLOBAL TALENTS – MBFW Russia.

                                                            Cassio Prates

                                                            Researcher of trends, culture and behavior, Cassio develops strategic communication and product directions. Specialist in scenario creation by the Copenhagen Institute for futures. He worked for Melissa, WGSN, Futures Laboratory, FFW, LaRochePosay, Away to Mars, Comme des Garçons, Chez Group, Mesa Company, With Company, Facebook and Unilever.

                                                            Day Molina

                                                            Day Molina is an outstanding stylist. She has worked for 12 years in the creative fashion industry. Indigenous activist, stylist and creative director, she is the local representative of the Fashion Revolution movement in Niterói. 4 years ago she created his authorial and minimalist brand; to NALIMO (@oficialnalimo).

                                                            Jal Vieira

                                                            Graduated in Fashion Design by Belas Artes, with a specialization in Audiovisual Production and postgraduate student in Creative Modeling by Senac São Paulo, Jal Vieira acts in front of her eponymous brand. Specialist in manual textile development, she worked for 6 years as a junior stylist at Amapô Jeans. In 2019, he joined the main line up of designers at Casa de Criadores – the largest authorial fashion event in the country. She is also a columnist for the FFW website and a member of Célula Preta – a collective that aims to promote spaces and structures that are equitable to professional professionals in fashion.

                                                            Isabel Junqueira

                                                            Graduated in journalism (PUC-Rio) and art history (Université Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris), Isabel Junqueira is a journalist specializing in culture and lifestyle. She is a Vogue Brasil correspondent in Paris since 2010, she has interviewed top fashion professionals including Alber Elbaz, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Anthony Vaccarello, Nicolas Ghesquière, Olivier Rousteing, Angela Missoni, Laudomia Pucci, Silvia Fendi, Peter Lindbergh, Delphine Arnault and Alexandre de Betak. She is also a collaborator of major titles in Brazil (Casa Vogue, Glamor, GQ, Folha de São Paulo, Piauí) and abroad (Madame Figaro, Air France Madame, Rika).

                                                            Inserto collective

                                                            We are a collective born from the youth scene. We want to communicate our identity performances through prints. We begin with experimenting with stamping in diverse surfaces, reinterpreting the imagery of post-contemporary stamping as opposed to its immense history. We want to rethink the expected aesthetic finish of this language, so the name Inserto, a combination of ‘Uncertainty’ with ‘Insertion’. Our production is transdisciplinary and spontaneous, resulting from the collective between the intersection of the production of each member artist, whether they are in the format of performance, clothing, video, digital art, graphic design, installation, etc. Evidencing a constantly expanding look at life and printing. The insert is composed by 3 members: Viviane Lee Hsu @cyshimi, Luccas Morais @ladyletal and Ikaro Cavalcante @occulted.

                                                            Amnah Asad

                                                            Amnah Asad is a researcher on culture and behavioral trends, artist, actress, creative director, and founder of @ a network of artists, creatives, and culture makers who focus on creating projects with cultural relevance. She was a finalist for the SxSw Festival in the social activism category, won 3 Cannes Lions, 1 El Ojo, among others. She was a director and curator of TED @ SãoPaulo where she curated artists from Brazil and Latin America for the TED stage in California. She was the director of the international shorts festival Future Shorts Brasil, at MIS in São Paulo.

                                                            Batman Zavareze

                                                            Batman Zavareze is the Creator, Director and Curator of the Multiplicidade Festival, one of the most important cultural platforms for art and technology in Brazil. He has worked with multidisciplinary projects related to image, audiovisuals such as exhibitions, concerts, plays and broadcasting programs for Brazilian and international television channels, such as: MTV-Brasil, Multishow, GNT, Sport TV, Futura and Tv GLOBO. He was the creative director of the virtual reality installation about Kandinsky at the CCBB throughout Brazil. Has published works in magazines and museums in Brazil and abroad.

                                                            Thamyra Thâmara

                                                            She is a journalist, screenwriter, producer of 360 • narratives, a master in Culture and Territoriality at Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), and a doctoral student in Social Communication at UFF. She developed the research “Fotoclube: self-representation and dispute of the symbolic in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro” and is currently researching the production of black identities (Afrofuturists) mediated by new technologies. Thamyra Thâmara is the founder of GatoMÍDIA, a network and methodology of learning in media and technology for young blacks and popular people, which has existed in Complexo do Alemão since 2013. She directed and scripted or short films: ‘Bença, Vó’, ‘Descolonize o Olhar’ , ‘My Life is Here’ and ‘Black Women in Politics’.

                                                            Isys Maciel

                                                            Isys Maciel is a resident of the Penha and a student of Chemical Engineering at UFRRJ, Founder of Samambaia Tech, general product and data scientist at GatoMÍDIA. Currently works with programming as a back-end developer in Python.

                                                            Andressa Núbia

                                                            Andressa Núbia is an immersive creative director, who has been thinking about the interaction between art, fashion and technology in her work to create new pluralities of worlds. She is the founder of Ailuros Studios, a studio specialized in the creation and production of immersive content – XR. She also works as a curator of new technologies in the GatoMídia education network and develops EROLAB, a clothing brand that is used in textile reuse and upcycling to reduce environmental impact.