October 26th - 30th
Immersive talks

Olivia Merquior is the director of the Brazilian creative agency Dacri Deviati, fashion coordinator for Première Vision Paris in Latin America, and founder of Brazil Immersive Fashion Week. Her work is focused on promoting platforms for developing new creative perspectives; among them are the Brazilian Center for Fashion Design @centro.br and the curatorship of the SPFW Greenhouse Project’s fashion shows. Anyone who wants to know more about her keen eye for fashion dilemmas can listen to her weekly insights on @highlowpodcast.


Leanne Elliott Young is an industry lead, innovator, highly sought-after commentator recognised globally, on the topics of fashion futures, digital innovations, inclusivity in tech, sustainability, fashion-tech and industry disruption. 

Young has spent 15 years inventing, incubating, installing creative concepts for future-facing living and fusing the established with progressive, youth-centric points. Spearheading experiential marketing and strategy for Nike at the iconic Room 72, Young directed and rolled out experiences worldwide within the Global Entertainment and Marketing team.


Digital fashion pioneer, Cattytay is a self taught, London-based 3D designer. Whilst studying Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art & Design, Cattytay found themselves frustrated with the physical constraints of their IRL fashion practice. Whilst working as Head of Digital Fashion and Fabrication at Merlin, they turned their attention to the digital world, becoming immersed within the 3D metaverse and soon was established as a dominant force.

In 2018 Cattytay founded DIGI-GXL, a community of womxn, trans, intersex and non-binary digital designers in what remains a male-dominated industry. The platform offers software technical guidance, industry advice and creative support to a queer community of creators.


Adam Andrascik is a London based Creative Director, entrepreneur and leader in the emerging digital fashion scene. He is co-founder of SHOWstudio’s Class of 2020 / 21 with Nick Knight and Rave Digital, a first-of-its-kind digital fashion x gaming initiative at Ravensbourne University. He is also course leader on the inaugural ‘Digital Technology for Fashion’ pathway at Ravensbourne University, the first in London, focusing on new technologies, sustainability through digitisation and the metaverse as well as co-founder of Web3 startup Provenanced.


Prior to DRESSX, Daria established Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days and More Dash. Called ‘Kiev Fashion’s Queen Bee’ by Vogue UK, Daria is famous for putting Ukraine on the world’s fashion map. Daria is featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe and BOF 500 Most Influential People lists. Under Daria’s creative guidance, Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days quickly became the largest fashion event in the region. She established the Kiev Fashion Institute and a Fashion Tech Summit. There, she spearheaded discussions focused on bridging fashion with technology. As the next spin in her career, Daria moved to San Francisco, got an MBA, started a company in the United States, alongside her business partner Natalia Modenova, that became DRESSX. 


Natalia has more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, her main activities include founding a showroom More Dash in Paris and international conference Fashion Tech Summit alongside her business partner Daria Shapovalova. Natalia was a curator of the Fashion Business course at Kiev Fashion Institute, curator at Creative Ukraine conference. After 4 seasons as press-attaché at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, Natalia became it’s COO. In 2020 Natalia (along with her co-founder) launched their first tech company DRESSX. Natalia Modenova is in the list of Highsnobiety for TOP13 experts weigh in on Fashion NFT and in Threedium TOP50 Voices driving the conversation in AR, VR and 3D and featured in Forbes USA, Financial Times, Vogue Business, WWD, Business of Fashion, Dazed and other media.


Julie has over 15 years experience in the tech and mobile software industry, from marketing to operations knowing every aspect of tech business. She previously led the product marketing at Looksery, a Ukrainian Startup that became a leader in the augmented reality field and was acquired by Snap Inc. for $150M. After acquisition worked for 2 years as a Director at Snap Ukraine. At DRESSX Julie connects online and real worlds by building solutions for wearing sustainable digital fashion of the future.


Ex-Deloitte business analyst, Olga holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After moving to Gabon, she founded her non-profit organisation Kleen’upPOG to spread awareness about the environmental issues, waste and plastic management. Olga joined the DRESSX team first as a volunteer and later took the role of Chief Sustainability Officer. Constantly growing her knowledge on sustainability, she recently graduated from the Business Sustainability Management program by Cambridge University.


Taís Koshino was born and lives in Brasília, Brazil. She is a visual artist, researcher and curator. His practice and research revolve around drawing and its possibilities for embracing imprecision and impermanence. She explores these issues in various media and media. She is a co-founder and curator of DiverseNFTArt and a member of the Hic et nunc art projects and communication team. She is currently a Master’s student in the Post-Graduate Program in Visual Arts at the University of Brasília. Her drawings have already been printed in several national and international publications and collections. She participated in exhibitions, fairs and shows in several cities in Brazil and abroad.


Work with painting, drawing, 3D and music. Currently immersed in virtual realities, metaverses and the language present in digital/virtual/material through NFTs.


Estelle Flores graduated in Graphic Design from Universidade Positivo in Curitiba-PR, where she currently lives and works as an artist and editor. She is part of the contemporary art collective Brutas and founded Selva Press, the second risographic printing studio in Brazil, through which she publishes her own works and articulates numerous situations around independent publishing in the capital of Paraná. Recently she has been dedicated to game art, developing the Contain Real Ingredients project on the Hic Et Nunc platform, where the artist simulates the lives of other artists in The Sims 4 game and makes paintings that are later sold as NFT.


Ian Habib is a performer, writer, curator, researcher and teacher. Graduated in Theater/UFMG/UFRGS. Master in Dance/CAPES/UFBA. Prof. Collaborator of the Post-Graduate Course in Theater and Education at IFNMG. He investigates Buto Dance, Performance, Philosophy and Gender, with an emphasis on the poetics of bodily transformations and alterations in the states of matter. He won the Azorean Dance Award 2015. He created the Transgender Museum of History and Art, an artistic work and a set of technologies for the production of an Archive of Brazilian body and genre. He created the Dismonte Seminary, and the ABCDário Dismonte. Co-Coordinator of the Line of Studies Trans, Transvestites and Intersex of the NuCus research group (POSCULT/UFBA)


Sapatomic trans, black. IFSC Professor in the Fashion (Graduate), Clothing and Modeling (Technical) courses in Integrated Youth and Adult Education and Integrated High School, respectively. Master and doctoral student in Anthropology (UFSC). Bachelor Fashion (UEM) activist. Creator and member of REDeM (Network for Decolonial Studies in Fashion) and of the BAFO Meeting: Fashion and sexual and gender dissidences. Creator of AFRODITE (UFSC). Participant of NEABI (Nucleus for Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous Studies – IFSC), Boysacademicus (Group of trans-male and Non-binary students AFAB), GESTO (Group of Orality and Performance – UFSC), NAIF (Nucleus for Studies in Art, Innovation , Fashion and Design – UFC) and IBRAT (Brazilian Institute of Transmasculinities).

October 30th
Immersive Live
Sol Rezza

An Argentinean composer and sound designer fusing experimental electronics with immersive audio. A specialist in audio spatialisation and digital storytelling, she develops her work in virtual environments and live performances moving between art, psychoacoustics, and technology.

Analúcia Roeder

A multimedia artist. She works across several mediums including documentary, experimental film, 3D animation and VR. She co-directed the video installation Ángulo Obtuso (Argentina, 2016) and the experimental documentary Cocachauca, which was named most innovative film by CINECIEN (Argentina, 2017). In 2018 she premiered her first VR experience Extensión01, and this year, her second VR work, Inside A was part of the Amplify exhibition at Somerset House Studios in London.

Marianne Teixido

Digital artist, researcher, musician and manager. The transdisciplinary approach of her work links social research, software studies, source code, computer music, data, free software, video art and reappropriation, expanded writing, the internet, cyber-hackfeminisms and sound experimentation.


Metaverse | Íon



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Metaverse | RU4


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Metaverse | Pupila Dilatada


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Exhibition | Mutha


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The ION exhibition, which inaugurates BRIFW’s AFTER IMAGE project, presents the creative process behind 4 collections by designer Lucas Leão. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of virtual spaces as well as the impacts of new technologies on creation of the stylists. In a vast desert, each brand’s collection will occupy an oasis of its own. Within these visitation structures, we will be able to interact with avatars, videos, photos and augmented reality actions. All inspirations, moodboards, collaborators’ work, fashion shows and soundtracks will be organized in the space, making the exhibition create a complete immersion in the stylist’s universe.


The exhibition is a collective action by artists invited by BRIFW and has the support of important partners.


RU4 is a collection and parade-game that expresses a technological transit in urban and natural spaces. The chaos and high saturation present comes from the influence of places and experiences in Rio de Janeiro. The raw material of the physical world, such as street elements, paintings and drawings, are taken to the digital context, where it is possible to bring new immersive experiences, such as games.

Pupila Dilatada

Pupil Dilatada was the first exhibition with NFTs from the blockchain Tezos and Hic et Nunc. The exhibition includes different artistic practices and visualities grouped by psychedelic art that has vibrant colors and delusional images.


In its second chapter, Pupil Dilatada continues to expand. This edition takes place in a metaverse built on the Arium platform: a virtual space where visitors can walk, jump, interact with the works and communicate through audio and video with the others present. The exhibition has the participation of more than 60 Brazilian and international artists.


Pupil Dilatada was the first exhibition with NFTs from the blockchain Tezos and Hic et Nunc. The exhibition includes different artistic practices and visualities grouped by psychedelic art that has vibrant colors and delusional images.


In its second chapter, Pupil Dilatada continues to expand. This edition takes place in a metaverse built on the Arium platform: a virtual space where visitors can walk, jump, interact with the works and communicate through audio and video with the others present. The exhibition has the participation of more than 60 Brazilian and international artists.